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"Successfully negotiated $800,000 mortgage debt. Bank agreed to short sell for $555,000. No deficiency judgment."
-J.D. from Granite Bay, California
"Successfully negotiated two loans on single property totaling 1.5 million dollars. Both banks agreed to short sale amount of $800,000. No deficiency judgment"
-L.G. from San Francisco, California
"Successfully negotiated five loans on two properties totaling over 1.3 million dollars. Bank agreed to total short sale of $700,000. Secured $65,000 in relocation assistance funds for distressed homeowner. No deficiency judgment."
-K.M. from Fair Oaks, California.

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Short Sales will still be around for a year or two!

Here at the Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, Inc., short sales are our specialty! Our team of short sale negotiators will benefit you and your brokerage! You not only get a short sale team, but you also get an attorney on your side!

Our office is dedicated to real estate and short sale negotiations. We’ve dealt with hundreds upon hundreds of short sales in California and we can help you and your agents too! Your clients will have an attorney on their team, who is ready, willing, and able to go the extra mile to lend your client a helping hand at NO COSTS to THEM or YOU!!!

What’s the process you may ask? It’s simple:
When one of your agents talks to a homeowner that is not sure what to do with their upside down mortgage your agent can now immediately tell the homeowner that they need a LEGAL consultation to determine the options available and the legal consequences of those options. Your agent can now say that they have an attorney on their team who is an expert in such matters and that they can arrange a free consultation for them. You as the broker can now feel at ease that your agents are NOT giving legal advice and causing your E&O policy to be at risk.

Once your agent get’s the homeowner in touch with our office we will fully analyze the homeowner’s situation and determine if they qualify for a short sale. This is very important since you will not want your agents working on deals that have very little chance of success. We pre-qualify the short sale and will let your agent know that they should move forward with the listing.

We then will collect the short sale documents from the homeowner while your agent only has to work on the real estate side while waiting for an offer to come in.

Once an offer is in we then start to work on the negotiating side of the short sale. We will keep your agent and the homeowner apprised of the progress as we move forward. Short sales take time but while we are doing the negotiating your agents are free to go out and get more of the listings that most agents hate. Once they start closing you will be very happy that you have us on your team.

The best part is that it costs you nothing – it costs your agents nothing – and it costs the homeowner nothing. The banks and the buyers pay all the fees and costs.

Your agents can now go do what they do best---get more listings!

Our attorney, Ted A. Greene, is dedicated to real estate and short sales. We understand that short sales will be here a while longer and we are prepared to help in every way we can---with NO COSTS to you or your client!

Lots of places offer legal help, but with that legal help comes a large bill slapped on the broker, agent, or homeowner. Here at LOTAG, there are no hidden fees for you or your clients.

We can provide your clients a free consultation with our attorney, Ted. He will take the time to analyze and determine if they are qualified for a short sale on their home without your agents having to squander their time to check if they are qualified. Your agents should NOT give legal advice---short sales are heavily legal in nature. Recognizing this, with us on your team, your agents can now say you have an attorney on your side!

Here at the Law Offices of Ted A. Greene, our homeowners and our clients are our number one care. We are here to help.

We understand that real estate agents are not allowed to give legal advices at all, that is why we are extending a helping hand out to you and your clients.

If your brokerage does decide to have us on your team, Ted will be more than happy to personally give you a call.

Doesn’t it sound like a great idea?
Give us a call or email us today to get a free consultation!

Best of Luck,
The Team at Law Offices of Ted A. Greene